Executive secretarial studies

A secretary or some time called personal assistant is a person who is in charge of records, supporting management, responsible of organizing official event or meeting and taking minutes of them  and related affairs of any company, association or organization with a variety of skills in project management, communication.

What is the job of a secretary?

  1. Perform routine administrative functions;
  2. Scheduling appointments;
  3. Organizing and maintaining paper work or electronic file;
  4. Providing information to callers.

What are the duties or responsibilities of a secretary?

  1. Organizing, producing agendas and taking minutes;
  2. Managing databases;
  3. Prioritizing workload;
  4. Taking calls, messages and handling correspondence;
  5. Maintaining diaries and arranging appointments;
  6. Typing, preparing and collecting reports;
  7. Filing;

Program of Formation

1. What is the meaning of being a secretary?


1- One who has been employed to handle the requires of any organization.

2- One who can keep records, minutes of any event or meeting

3- One who can preside over an administrative department

2. How do you become a secretary?


1- Take up the course in any institution like (IME)

2- Internship on the field for experience

3- Further in a bachelor’s degree

3- Professional internship for great acquisition of skills

4- Find a secretary position job

5- Advance in the field

3.What skills are needed to best prepare as a secretary?


1- Good communication skills both written and verbal

2- Discretion

3- Accuracy and good attention to detail

4- An ability to stay calm and handle pressure

5- Good in time management

6- Good organizational skills

7- Self-motivation

4.Which certificate is required to be a secretary?


After any high school degree one does not need any special certificate to get in to the field, all you need is to get to best institute and get the best training like (IME).  After which you can be allow the freedom to express in the field what you have acquired.


5. Structure of the program


  1. Business Communication (common);
  2. Business Law (common);
  3. Civics and Moral Education;
  4. Computer Application;
  5. English (common);
  6. French (common);
  7. Introduction to Mathematics and Statistics (common);
  8. Means of Communication;